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 At Dispatch Pro – We are a truck dispatching Service, taking care all of all the things necessary that most people don’t have time, knowledge or simply just don’t want to do.

Most drivers are good at driving-…… ……..  Not office work!

If you’re a Car Carrier, HotShot, Flat Bed or a Dry Van and you need assistance with moving your truck, give us a call.   We’ll take away all the hassles of dispatching your own truck. We will find you the loads that fit your needs.

Many of us have done everything from owning our own trucks to currently running a full-service auto transport brokerage. Drivers, who use our service, benefit from our experience in keeping their trucks loaded 24 hours a day.

We take away the stress and hassles from drivers having to try to dispatch by allowing them to just concentrate on the road & take care of pickups and deliveries and leaving everything else to us.    Imagine that- having a driver,… Just drive.

Our focus is to give back the driver the sole responsibility of driving & not having to worry about the back office duties. It’s very difficult for drivers to concentrate on driving if they also have to find a load, negotiate the price, do the billing, order insurance certificates, negotiate issues & collect the money- ……..

So let Dispatch Pro handle everything ….but the driving.

You keep 100% of your payload…..Simple as that! …We work for you!

So no worries – call us, give us a try and see why you’ll leave everything to us… …except the driving.


We love dispatching!  

Let’s get started.  

Give us a call today!