Load Paper Work and Reports for $ 349.00 a Truck

Load Paper Work and Reports for $ 349.00 a truck per week this is the best package Dispatch Pro – Truck Dispatch Service has to offer we take care it all for you

Form look for the load, set up the broker if you are no set  up them ask for the advance invoice the broker ask for the advance, quick pay, fax the document to you and for the also if you have factoring company we send the invoice to them and the copy of the BOL that way you can get pay the sooner the better also one a week we send you a report with all the mile you run to see how effective was the week.

I for forget to tell you if your truck broke done in the middle of the nowhere we help you to find the service truck you need o if your truck can make to the mechanic we find you one close and also we negotiated the price for you in the package we offer 24hrs dispatch.

  • Load Paper Work and Reports Broker Setup Package
  • Credit check for all Brokers
  • Credit Checks with you factoring Co.
  • Fax or Email documents
  • Load booking and dispatching
  • We negotiate rates for you
  • Fuel advances request
  • Quick Pay Request
  • Collect payment from you quick pay
  • Sent you to copy all rate confirmation
  • 24/7 Dispatch service support
  • Directions assistance
  • Insurance certificates request
  • Back office support
  • Create the invoice for your customers
  • Negotiated detention time
  • Negotiated truck order not used
  • Factor company setup assistance
  • Factoring available if you chose
  • Breakdown support – Roadside assistance
  • Mechanic shop price negotiations
  • Keep track of all your load’s miles
  • Miles Monthly Report