Required Documents​

Required Documents​Review the list of  Required Documents needed in order to sign your company up with us – This will allow you to take part in our truck dispatch services.






  • Agreement for Service
  • Complete Company or Carrier Profile (Form Provided)
  • Factoring Company information sheet
  • Limited Power of Attorney form. (This form is limited to securing freight and sign Broker Packages for you unless otherwise specified)
  • Copy of your Insurance certificate
    • Dry Van, Flat Bed & Hotshot: Liability   $ 1,000.000.00 – Cargo $ 100,000.00
    • Car Carrier Liability                                    $ 1,000.000.00 –  Cargo $ 150,000.00 
  • IRS form W-9 
  • ICC MC Authority Copy       
  • Credit or Debit Card Authorization Form (Form)
    • Please submit all the documents in order for us to activate your account. 
    • All paperwork will need to be received in order to activate your account properly.
    • Submitting only partial paperwork will result in a delay in activating your account.
  • If you need assistance of any kind, do no hesitate to contact one of our well-trained associates